Request changing the card limits as a team member

As a team member in Pemo, you may find that your card limits are insufficient for your business needs in a given month. Fortunately, you can request to increase the limits from your admin or team lead from within the app.

How to request changing the limits

  1. Open the Pemo app and go to the "Cards" tab.

  2. Select the card for which you want to change the limits.

  3. Click on "Manage" and select "Increase card limits".

  4. Enter the new limits you would like to request and a reason for the change.

  5. Click on "Request Now"

All admins and team leads with card permission in your organization will be notified about the new request; any one of them can approve it. Once approved, you will be notified.

How to approve change limit requests as an admin

Requests can be approved by any user with Admin or team lead with card permissions roles.

To approve a request:

  1. Open your Pemo mobile application

  2. Go to the requests tab

  3. Find the increase card limits request that you want to approve and click "Approve".

The limits will be changed immediately, and the cardholder will be notified.

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