How to pay with your Pemo card and attach your receipt

How to use your card?

Virtual cards can be used to pay for any online expenses.

The virtual card details can be found in the following:

Pemo Mobile App

  • Open the Pemo mobile app and go to the cards tab

  • Scroll until you find the card you need, and click on the visible last 4 digits of the card number to view the full card details.

Web App

  • Log in to your account.

  • Go to the cards tab and identify the card that you need

  • From actions, click "Show Card Details"

  • Click "View Card Details" and enter the OTP code, then the full card details will be visible.

How to attach a receipt?

You have the following ways to attach a receipt:

Every time a transaction is made from a pemo card, the cardholder user will receive a mobile notification from the Pemo app informing them about the transaction and its amount and asking if they like to add a receipt. When you get the notification, click on it to go to the Pemo app, and the recently created expense will be opened, click on the blue square to add a receipt and then select "Use your camera". Take a photo of the receipt with your mobile camera and confirm to attach it to the expense.

Also, you can add notes to the expense as an explanation. To do that, click on actions, then select edit expense. Then write the note in its relevant field.

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