Apple Pay for your Pemo Cards

Apple Pay and Pemo bring you a simpler, faster, and safer payment experience with Pemo! Say hello to Apple Pay for your Pemo cards, where making payments is as easy as a tap.

Forgetting your wallet at home is no longer a problem. With your iPhone or Apple Watch, you can make contactless payments swiftly and securely.

Apple Pay for your Pemo cards offers:

  • Quick contactless payments

  • Enhanced security for peace of mind

  • Save time, focus on what matters

How to set up Apple Pay for your Pemo cards?

  1. Open the Pemo app, go to β€œCards” and select "Manage"

  2. Click on β€œadd to Apple Wallet” and follow the instructions

  3. Tap, pay and done!

Alternatively, you can also ...

  1. Open your Apple Wallet app on your iPhone

  2. Tap "+", add your Pemo card

  3. Enjoy seamless payments!

Note: when it comes to online purchases, Apple Pay is just as convenient. Look for the β€˜Buy with Apple Pay’ button. No more carts or checkout forms – just tap, pay, and you're done.

How to add Pemo to your Apple Watch?

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select β€œWallet and Apple Pay”

  2. Click β€œAdd Credit or Debit Card”

  3. Buy what your business needs instantly!

No stress. Pemo and Apple Pay keep your money safe

  • When you make a purchase, Apple Pay uses the specific device number and a unique transaction code

  • Your Pemo card number is never stored on your device or Apple servers

  • Apple Pay does not retain your transaction information, ensuring that your purchases are 100% private

Does Apple pay work for both Physical and Virtual Pemo Cards ?

Yes! You can use add both your physical and virtual cards Pemo cards on Apple Pay. Simply access your mobile wallet, enter in your Pemo card details, and start air-swiping! Its as easy as that.

How to pay

With iPhone, double-click the side or Home button, authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode, then hold your device near the reader to pay. With Apple Watch, just double-click the side button, then hold your device near the reader to finish your purchase.

Where to pay

You can now pay with your Pemo card anywhere you see

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