Setting/updating limits on Pemo cards

Pemo is an expense management tool that utilizes a central account called the Wallet for all card expenses. As long as there is money in the Wallet, any team member can use their Pemo card for payments. However, some customers may prefer to implement spending limits to help team members stay within budget.

Pemo offers three control limits that are defined by admins for every card separately. The limits can be defined while issuing a new card, and you can define or update the limits for an existing card.

Limit Types

1️⃣ Monthly Spending Limit

This is a hard limit that applies to a calendar month. Once the limit is reached, the card will be disabled until the beginning of the following month. Let's say the monthly limit for a given card is 5000 AED per month, and 4950 AED has been spent from the card already this month. If someone tries to pay for something that costs 100 AED, then the transaction will be declined since that will lead to exceeding the assigned monthly limit.

2️⃣ Limit per Transaction

This is a hard limit to any single purchase/transaction, where a maximum amount can be defined, meaning that any single payment/transaction over this amount is automatically declined.

3️⃣ Allowed Spend Categories

This limit lets you control the type of spending per card by restricting transactions to only pre-approved merchant categories. As an admin, you can select these approved categories for a card from a predefined list. For example, you can choose "Fuel and service shops" as the only allowed category for a given card. If someone tries to use this card to pay for anything else that's not under this category, the card will be declined. (Note: you can select more than one category per card).

More details about the available categories can be found here:

pageRestrict Card Purchases with Approved Merchant Categories

The monthly spending limit is mandatory for every Pemo card you issue, while the limit per transaction and the allowed spend categories are optional limits

Defining the limits for a new card

You can set the limits for a new card while you issuing it. However, these limits can be updated easily at any time based on your team's needs.

Updating Limits for Existing Cards

You can update the limit of any card at any time, and any updates to the limits have an immediate effect.

To update card limits:

  • Go to the Cards tab and find the card that you need to edit

  • Click "Actions" on the right, and select "Edit Card"

  • Edit the limits you need and click "Save Changes"

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