🚩What are Submission Policies?

What are Submission policies?

Submission policies are rules that spenders have to follow to submit an expense. The rules can specify if an expense must have a receipt attached to it and whether a memo β€”or any other fieldβ€” must be completed by the spender. As such, Submission Policies reduce the time for finance teams to collect the necessary information they require to categorize expenses and export them to the accounting system properly.

Pemo automatically checks expenses against your defined policies. Spenders receive timely reminders, ensuring compliance with policy requirements. Incomplete expense submissions are visually flagged, allowing for easy tracking and reporting.

Despite flagging, these expenses continue to appear on the export page for comprehensive record-keeping.

Pemo Submission Policies allow you to:

  • Define what information spenders need to provide to complete their expense submission. For instance, set a rule requiring receipts for expenses exceeding AED 100, and mandating a memo on all expenses.

  • Set a global (aka default) policy that is enforced on all company expenses, or

  • Create different custom policies for Pemo Cards that override the default policy, allowing flexibility in rule application. For example, create a custom policy for Ads spend cards, mandating additional accounting fields.

When to Utilize Submission Policies?

If your company faces challenges in collecting essential expense information such as receipts, memos, or other accounting details, Pemo’s Submission Policies is your powerful tool to streamline the expense submission process.

For Pemo Card Expenses and after a Pemo card purchase, cardholders receive reminders to complete their expense submissions. Incomplete submissions are flagged for reporting, ensuring comprehensive tracking.

For Pocket Expenses, spenders must provide the required information before submitting pocket expenses, ensuring completeness in the expense reporting process.

When to create a Custom Submission Policy?

Consider creating custom policies when you need different rules for various Pemo Cards. For instance:

  • Travel Card Policy Enforce rules like requiring receipts and VAT information for cards used for travel expenses.

  • Digital Ads Card Policy Specify rules such as requiring a memo for transactions from digital ads cards

Policy Management

Only users with Admin, Internal Accountant, or External Accountant Roles have the authority to edit existing policies or create custom card policies, ensuring secure and controlled policy management.

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