Ordering new Pemo cards

You can issue/order physical or virtual cards. Pemo's physical cards can be used for any type of payment, including online payments and cash withdrawals. Virtual cards can be used for online payments only.
You can order one physical card per team member/user.
To order a physical card:
Go to the "Cards" section and click on "Issue New Card" (top right of your screen)
Step One: Customise your card
  • Select card type to be Plastic card
  • Select the cardholder from the list of your invited team members. The cardholder must be a verified user. Read more about user verification here.
  • Enter a nickname for your card. (e.g., name of a company, department, project, or anything else relevant to your business)
  • Set your card's monthly limit. If you didn't enter a limit here, the default would be considered, which is 100K AED.
  • Set your card's limit per transaction. This is the maximum allowed limit for a single transaction from this card. (optional)
  • If needed, toggle the "special purpose card" and select the allowed spending categories for this card. More info about limiting spending categories can be found here.
  • Click next
Step Two: Delivery Info
Enter the delivery info for where you want the card delivered. Please make sure you enter an accurate address and a working phone number.
The card will be delivered and handed over to the cardholder only, so they have to be present at the delivery address with their valid EID. Special deliveries are possible and must be communicated in advance to the support team at [email protected]
Click Issue Card to finish
The card will be delivered to your address within 48-72 hours, depending on your emirate. Once you receive the card, you must activate it first, and your card will be ready! You will receive the activation instructions with the card; also, you can find them here.