Create a virtual card

Virtual cards can be used for online payments and are issued and activated in seconds.
We offer unlimited virtual cards for all subscription plans, including the free plan. It is a good practice to create virtual cards for different types of online payments. For example, you could have one card for Facebook Ads, another for software subscriptions, etc. This enables better control over monthly budgets and tracking of expenses.
To create a virtual card:
Go to the "Cards" section and click on "Issue New Card" (top right of your screen)
  • Select card type to be Virtual card
  • Choose your preferred card design; this help to easily distinguish the card if you have more than one virtual card
  • Select the cardholder from the list of your invited team members. The cardholder must be a verified user. Read more about user verification here.
  • Enter a nickname for your card. (e.g., name of a department, project, or anything else relevant to your business)
  • Set your card's monthly limit. If you didn't enter a limit here, the default/max would be considered, which is 100K AED.
  • Set your card's limit per transaction. This is the maximum allowed limit for a single transaction from this card. (optional)
  • If needed, toggle the "special purpose card" and select the allowed spending categories for this card. More info about limiting spending categories can be found here.
Click Issue Card to finish.
The virtual card will be created in seconds. After that, the cardholder user can find their virtual card details in the Pemo mobile app.