Exporting Expenses

Exporting expenses from Pemo is a simple process that allows you to easily retrieve all the data related to your company's expenses.

Card Expenses vs Pocket Expenses

When tracking expenses in Pemo, it's important to differentiate between card and out-of-pocket expenses. Card expenses are transactions made using a Pemo card, while out-of-pocket expenses are those that aren't associated with a Pemo card.
We are separating the exporting functionality of card expenses and pocket expenses so you can map and track these expenses correctly. Also, the card expenses are easier to review and confirm since the amounts are always accurate and match the transactions made from the cards. Pocket expenses might require some review.

"Exported" vs "To Export" Tabs

On the exporting page, you'll notice two main tabs at the top: "Exported" and "To Export". The "Exported" tab shows all the expenses that have been successfully exported at least once before, either to a CSV file or accounting software. The "To Export" tab shows all the expenses that haven't been exported yet.
You can only export approved expenses, either pocket or card expenses. Find more about expense approval statuses here.

Exporting to CSV

Exporting card expenses to a CSV file is a straightforward process in Pemo. Simply select the expenses you want to export, then choose "Download Pemo template CSV" from the options below. The CSV file will be generated, and you can download it for the history page from the left menu. When you click download, a CSV file will be downloaded, and a ZIP file with all the receipts that were attached to the expenses you exported.

Exporting to Accounting Software

Pemo also offers the ability to export card expenses directly to accounting software. Either through a direct integration like in the case of QuickBooks online, or through a pre-formated CSV files that compatible with your accounting software and ready to be updaloded directly without the need for any manual work.
Find more info about exporting to accounting software on this page: